Transcontinental Jam Session

Not before long I made a proposition about this, now Father Keith has the same idea:
Why not joining in a transcontinental jam session?

So here is how it may work:

Install the freeware audacity on your computer.
Buy a small microphone (like those used for recording with a minidiscplayer for example).
Tune your instrument to 440 hz=A.
Record a song with let´s say banjo.
Save it as mp3-file ("export to mp3").
Send it to me - or someone else who joins in.
The addressee records his instrument or voice
and forwards the file to the next.
I never did this before but don´t know why it shouldn´t work.

Come on guys, send me an email with attachment as mp3.
Or feel free to take my "Blue Eyes" or some of the other songs on this blog (like "Memories") and add your take.


Jörn hat gesagt…
The transcontinental jam session is a good idea. I use audacity as well and have recorded some songs of mine. BUT my main instrument is guitar. With that I can do qualitative recordings. If you have interest, I will be interested. Hope to read you again soon. Folk on!