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It´s time to reveal: I totally fell in love with Rea.
As Doc Huff always gives names to his banjos (in fact his daughter does) my new 12´´ banjo got the name Rea. Meanwhile I restrung her with Aquila nylgut strings, red series.
So now I´ve got Rea with red hair ;-) And the lady in red sings beautifully.
Here´s how she looks like now:

Die Beatles-Story

Meine erste Beatles-Platte (45er) hat bei Radio-Lange 4,50 DM gekostet. Aber in Liverpool war ich zu geizig, 11,50 GBP für die Beatles-Story zu zahlen. Ich bleibe bei meiner eigenen Geschichte. Z. B. als ich mit Alex in der Chemie - Stunde über die am Abend vorher bei Radio Dänemark gehörte neue Gruppe "geschwatzt" habe. "She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah". Das Wort geil gab's damals noch nicht. Jedenfalls nicht in diesem Zusammenhang.


...was as expected.
Lots of Beatles memories.

and some nice views

Banjo for Breakfast

Today Blacky and me met again to have breakfast in my house and afterwards we played some tunes on our banjos. Of course I played on my new 12´´ banjo (with Aquila Nylgut, red series). In the end we tried Flowers of Edinburgh (Blacky chose the guitar for this one). There are some "strange" notes in it but you may be interested to hear this anyway. I got the tablature from Josh Turknett, thanks a lot to him.

Flowers of Edinburgh

And tomorrow I´ll be off for Liverpool (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) and Gainsborough...