Es werden Posts vom 2019 angezeigt.

Große Ereignisse...

... werfen ihre Schatten voraus.
In ganz Deutschland - und den angrenzenden Ländern - sitzen und stehen jetzt Leute, die mehr oder weniger verzweifelt noch schnell das/den/die eine oder andere Tune lernen oder vervollständigen wollen, mit dem/der sie am Wochenende in der Proitzer Mühle am allgemeinen Hämmern bzw. Picken teilnehmen wollen.
Das BANJOREE 2019beginnt am kommenden Donnerstag.
Kann ich denn nun endlich den zweiten Durchgang des C-Teils dieses Michael-Miles-Stückes auswendig?
Wir werden sehen...


Really waiting for the new movie


For those suffering from Banjo Aquiring Syndrom the following link could give solace:

Highly Recommended

Last year I heard and saw Evie Ladin in Gainsborough. Yesterday I received the new edition of the "Old Time News", FOAOTMADs quarterly magazine. Besides interesting articles about the English OT-scene it always contains some CD reviews and this edition has an article about Evie Ladin's new CD "Riding the Rooster". The author David Mepsted is so enthusiastic about it that I immediately went to Spotify and opened the album. It is as full of energy as I remember Evie Ladin from Gainsborough. This bundle of energy surely has the groove! The CD is just fiddle (played by various friends of EL) and banjo (EL)  and contains some well known and some (to me) unknown tunes recorded really very carefully. Banjo is almost entirely on the right loudspeaker, fiddle on the left. So you can reduce the fiddle and hear the banjo unbelievable clearly on the right hand side with only a quiet fiddle left on the left (of course you can reduce the banjo to hear just the fiddle -but w…

Right Hand Movement

In case you're thinking over the basics again - or just starting with clawhammer banjo - this is what your thumb should be doing:


Die Lonesome Ace Stringband in der "Nochtwache" war ein Erlebnis. Chris Coole mit seinem treibenden Rhythmus auf dem Clawhammer-Banjo hat mich sehr beeindruckt. Fiddler  John Showman und Bassist Max Heineman rundeten das perfekte Old Time Konzert ab zu einem tollen Abend. Ein Glück, dass ich mich trotz des Trubels um den Hafengeburtstag in Hamburg auf den Weg gemacht habe.
Hier noch zwei kleine Videos, die von der Akustik nicht so gut rüberkommen (dafür gibts ja spotify), aber zeigen, wie hart Chris Coole gearbeitet hat 😉

Morgen in HH


"Whisky ...

... before breakfast" is one of my favorite tunes. During one of our banjo breakfasts Herr S. from K. and me gave it a go again. This time he played the melodeon.

Whisky Before Breakfast

Souvenirs from England

Of course I did not only take my banjo with me to England but my camera too. So here is a video of my pics with music added. I learned the tune from David Bragger´s workshop where he presented us with interesting stories about the not so well known fiddler Alonzo Janes (born before the American Civil War). I think only one of his tunes survived until today. It´s got his name and goes like this:

I tried to write the tablature for this tune, you can find it here. Not sure if I tabbed out the Galax lick correctly. You may leave it out though and replace it with 1st string 5th fret as in measure 15. My playing deviates in several measures from the written tab - I don´t mind 😉

40 Weight of Gingerbread

In Gainsborough I tried to learn the tune "40 Weight of Gingerbread", taught by David Bragger in his workshop. As I find it difficult to remember tunes which I learned recently and haven´t had the chance to play it very often, I ´m trying now to write the tablature down with TablEdit (I mean if the tab is not available on the usual internet sites) to help my memory. As David showed us this tune in a broken down version it was not a big thing to write the tablature. Now my goal is to increase speed until I reach a point similar toDavid´s. But if you play 40 Weight in a really laid back version at slow speed it really gets a swinging mood. I´ll try this first ;-)

Although TablEdit is an easy way to write tablature, there is a mistery to me: In measure 17 of my tab "40 Weights" I wanted to add an open string pull off to the 1st string. But instead of adding a "Po" above the lines it added a "H" (like "Hamer on"). I couldn´t find a wa…


If you happened to need another banjo you could have chosen one of these in Gainsborough:

(Howson Banjos)

(Slim Jim Banjos, several artists during the festival played one of these)


(Howson again)

Workshop in Hamburg

Und gleich am Sonnabend nach Gainsborough stand in Hamburg der Workshop mit Lars Dahl auf dem Programm. War wieder super!

Und hier mal was ohne Banjo

In London I had booked a hotel close to King´s Cross. In my direct neighbourhood I stumbled across the Water Rats. In this pub Bob Dylan had his first gig in the UK when he came here in the sixties. The Water Rats are still (or again?) a great place for live music (and serve breakfast the next morning). I saw Jacob and Drinkwater. Although no banjo, their encore was a real gem (tmo):


The 25th Old Time Music Festival was full of sessions, workshops and concerts. I did only record a few of them - but played my Rea at every suitable and unsuitable moment.
Here are the Moose Whisperers:

One of the best workshops was run by David Braggerwho´s two pieces ("40 Weight of Gingerbread" and "Alonzo Janes") will keep me busy with practicing.

After the festival is before the next festivals. Why not visit one of those:


On my way to Gainsborough I had a few days in London. This town is also known as a suburb of Richmond, a small town with a great pub, The Triple Crown. On Feb 12th guys from there and everywhere met for an Old Time session so I took my oyster card and my banjo and took the train to this place. We had lots of fun, as you may hear on this one.

In April Richmond will have the Old Time Music Gathering :

Green Willis

Bevor ich etwas über Gainsborough schreibe, wollte ich doch noch das Duett von Chuck Lee (mit steel strings, gespielt von Rainer) und Doc Huff (mit Aquila Red Series nylgut strings, gespielt von mir) zu Gehör bringen, das wir vor meiner Abreise anlässlich eines Banjo-Frühstücks noch schnell aufgenommen hatten:
Green Willis (Duett-Tabulatur von Bob Carlin)


Nächstes Wochenende findet das 25th Gainsborough Old Time Festival 2019 statt. Da muss ich hin.
Englischkenntnisse sind von Vorteil.
Aber: Muss man wirklich Level 3 des folgenden Tests bestehen?

Dirk Powell

Gestern hat Arte das Pariser Konzert von Joan Baez übertragen. Es ist noch in der Mediathek. Glücklich, wer es aufgenommen hat, wie ich. JB war wieder himmlisch (vorher lief noch ein ausführliches Porträt über sie)! Und zu meiner Freude gehört auch Dirk Powell zu ihrer Band, der nicht nur Mandoline, Gitarre, Bass und Piano sondern einmal hinreißend und ganz laid back (Silver Blade) und einmal powerful und mitreißend (Darling Corey) Clawhammer Banjo spielt. Ein sehr berührendes Konzert.  Guckempfehlung! 


Der eine oder andere weiß, dass ich im Februar wieder nach Gainesborough zum Old Time Festival fahre. Dort wird u. a. David Bragger auftreten, der vorab Folgendes anbietet:  "I’m very excited and honored to be performing at the Gainsborough Fest! I plan to bring CDs (11.50 GBP) and CD & DVD Sets (15.50 GBP) to the festival. Due to limited luggage space, I’d love to know if any of you would like to reserve copies beforehand. Please let me know what you would like and I’ll bring them for you. Tiki Parlour releases showcase extensive liner notes and artwork in addition to the critically-acclaimed music." Wer daran Interesse hat, möge mir Bescheid mailen. Soweit ich Platz im Koffer habe, bringe ich gerne was mit.

Old Time Radio

For those who like to listen to an American radio station with OUR music here is a link which will lead you to Bill Smedley´s Old Time Music Hour. I think there is no way to download this music directly, but you can here it on your computer and of course there are other ways...

Shady Grove

An old Oldtimer (Charlie Poole?) is quoted having said: "There´s no money above the 5th fret."

But Cameron DeWhitt shows us that there´s a lot of fun: