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Let´s jam together

This blog may have been quiet for quite a while, but not so my banjo. During the summer every now an then I hit the strings to practice the tunes I love (e.g. Whiskey Before Breakfast or Blackberry Blossom, click here).

And now as autumn draws near it really is time to give a call again to the next Kiel jam, aka Flying Circus of European Frailers ;-)
After Sheffield in 2008, Kiel in 2009, Newcastle in 2010 and Dublin in 2011 it´s Kiel again in 2012.

From Friday Oct. 26th til Sunday Oct. 28th we will hit guitar, uke, mandolin, dobro, saw (!) and of course banjo and the old vocal cords in Kiel-Friedrichsort. We made a reservation for the same place as in 2009, so everything will be as last time: Accomodation is payed per capita (the more attend, the cheaper it will be). We will prepare our own food (Katrina/Martina and me will buy enough for all – drinks too) and everybody is invited to share his skills in the kitchen and to share the costs per capita. There will be no service by the …