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Nächste Woche ist es endlich soweit: Ich reise wieder nach England zum Oldtime Festival in Gainsborough. Diesmal mit Damenbegleitung: Rea soll mit (wenn Ryan-Air keine Zicken macht). Hoffentlich spielt man in den zahlreichen Sessions in Gainsborough auch ein paar Tunes, die ich kenne...
wie z.B. Castle Kelly


Just decided to change the strings for my Rea. She wore red strings from Aquila and they look charming, amazing on an ebony fretboard. They remind me of Donna´s hair in Suits 😍. But the sound of the high g-string (5th) and the D-string (1st) when pressed on higher frets was a bit thin. So I decided against color - and chose Aquila´s "Super Nylgut" which sound terrific (but are white, perhaps Donna 50 years from now?). Aquila has a strange way of naming their strings. Seems that "Super Nylgut" which I use now perhaps are the same as "New Nylgut" on their webshop, who knows. Anyway I ordered a couple of sets at Martins Musikkiste as long as they are in stock.