Am ADDIX-Stand in der Kieler Citti-Mall anlässliche der Digitalen Woche konnte ich diese Spielereien erstellen lassen:

Schon wieder ein toller neuer Film

Falls jemand von meinen treuen Lesern mal nach USA kommt, 😉, wäre das evtl auch ein Film, den er gucken könnte :

Achnamara´s Calling

Banjoree 2019 is past now, but lucky me the next event is waiting: The weekend Oct 18/19/20 is reserved for the "Achnamara Jam 2019", the 11th meeting of the "Flying Circus of European Frailers". Unfortunately our Spanish friends will not joins us this year (there´s hope for 2020). But the village hall in Argyl will be packed again with guitars, ukuleles and - guess - banjos.
I am so much looking forward to see the old bunch again.
And if weather is like this
there´s always hope for that

Banjoree 2019


Rising Appalachia - Cuckoo [Official Music Video]



The skin on my bushel-banjo (almost a mistrel-banjo) is from calf, not goat, as Pär wrote to me. And just now I am reading in Bob Carlin's book "Banjo, an illustrated history" about Joe Sweeney, who must have been quite a guy when he was seven years old (i.e. 1817). His grandniece was telling stories about him having built his first own banjo in the age of seven using a gourd and the skin of the family's black cat - which led to his mother giving him a god thrashing and burning the banjo.
As the family had another -white - cat, Little Joe jumped at the chance and took another gourd, this time with the white hide. It was then that his mother realized that this boy was special and from then on he got encouragement in his musical career.

Next one

Formula to buy banjos as everybody knows is N + 1  (N being the number of banjos you already own).
Although I thought to break this rule at this years Banjoree (and buy 0, not 1 + x, x beeing the number of banjos you dream of) I really was stunned by the sound of one of the banjos on display there.
Pär from Sweden/Wernigerode had built several big banjos with natural skins and a pot made from a bushel for grains. And there was this fretless 36 cm / 14 2/3´´ piece. I had the chance to play on it for half an hour. In the end I couldn´t  resist.
Pictures here:

And it sounds like this: