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A musicschool from Kiel organised an afternoon festival of music in a small village called Wrohe. The music had a wide range from (amongst others) Nicolo Paganini to George Gershwin, Flamenco, Astor Piazolla, Carl Orff and German songs from the roaring twenties. Unfortunately I forgot my Zoom H2 :-(
But I had the camera with me. You may see some photographs on flickr.

The place is not far away from Kiel and is beautifully situated above a wonderful landscape with lake, cows, forests.
Great place to hear music!
Great musicians too!

Here is Wrohe (I´m sorry, embedding doesn´t work, you must copy the link into your browser):,10.415039&sspn=12.251242,28.300781&ie=UTF8&ll=54.268131,9.959579&spn=2.84915,7.075195&t=h&z=7

Island of Föhr

(it´s pronounced like "fur")
In case someone wants to see what holiday on Föhr is like, you may see my photographs at flickr.

Raglan Road

Always loved this beautiful song.
With my new Zoom H2 I screwed up my courage and tried singing it. The banjo head is stuffed with a pillow. Since not before long I like the sound of the stuffed head more than the open head.
If my voice sounds like having stuffed my head too, I beg your pardon. I have no other...
But it was fun to sing it anyway.
Raglan Road
I play it in 3/4 time in the key of A, that is G-tuning, capo up two frets and G-chord fingering - of course the 5th string is capoed two frets too.
If you are interested I can send you the lyrics with some chords. Just write a comment or drop me an email.
As I said it was fun to sing it, but it would be even better if someone jumps in with banjo, guitar, tin whistle or what you like.
The Transcontinental Jam Session is opened again - for everyone.

Btw Danny in the UK: There is no need any more for me to use the small microphone, now that I´ve got the H2. If you´re interested, drop me a line.

Holidays Over

Back from our holidays on the island of Föhr:

Größere Kartenansicht

We had wonderful days there - even some rain...

"My good lady" gave me a Zoom H2 as a birthday present! So there will be some recordings soon.
Till then, keep on frailing.
And join the Transcontinental Jam Session.

Song for Daniel

Elton John hat mal - lang ist´s her, man achte u.a. auf die Haare - einen Song geschrieben:

DANIEL - Elton John - MyVideo

Aber aus gegebenem Anlass heute für den anderen Daniel ein banjo-tune:

Happy Birthday