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Gerade hat Blacky mich dran erinnert: Morgen ist der 1. Mai, und  in Rixdorf is Musike:Foto-Reisebericht Reiseführer Reise-Info Gut Rixdorf Holsteinische Schweiz


In case the Westminster Abbey organ won´t work, the princely couple could ask Stephen for permission to use his music.

John Sebastian

No, not the Lovin´Spooful but JSBach always piqued my curiosity. There is a wonderful CD "American Bach" by Michael J. Miles (I may have mentioned this one before). And he tabbed down the Minuet from Anna Magdalena´s Notebook in the booklet which accompanied the "Counterpoint" CD (cf. my post from last year). Unfortunatly he didn´t play it on the CD, just gave the tab.
After a long time of practice this is what I achieved. There are some spots in it which drove me altogether mad, you surely will find them while listening to the mp3-file. As I remember from the past, this piece is played a lot faster on piano, but apart from I couldn´t do it faster - I like it slower (fox and grapes...).


When Patrick showed us the Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia virginica), I thought I´d give you an impression of Holsteiner Buschwindröschen (Anemona nemorosa):