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Local Radio Station

If you like to hear bluegrass music, presented by a German radio station, you may visit this Tuesday Nov. 25th 2008, 10 pm (GMT) and this Wednesday, 26th, 10 am. There´s a life-stream.

It´s presented by Uli, Scruggs-style banjopicker from Kiel.

Offener Kanal Kiel

Es ist wieder soweit: Die aktuelle Sendung BYRON's BARN ist am Dienstag, 25.November 2008 um 22:00 Uhr und am Mittwoch, 26.November 2008 um 10:00 Uhr zu hören. Und zwar
1. Im Hörfunkbereich des Offenen Kanals Kiel auf UKW 101.2
2. weltweit im Internet unter zeitgleich als life-stream (Einfach im linken Menü auf "Hören" klicken, und schon seid Ihr nach einer kurzen Ladezeit (< 5 sec) dabei!)

Die Sendung macht Uli, unser Kieler Banjopicker (zu schade, dass er selber hauptsächlich Scruggs-Style pickt :-) Seine Sendung ist aber umfassender).

Problems with mp3-player

Got a new PC. Installed Windows XP-Home, three service packs included.
My old PC had the same OS. But when I plugged in my Creative ZenTouch mp3-player at the old PC, I could see it as a new drive there and drag and drop my mp3-files from the PC´s harddisc to the player.
Now with the new PC I cannot even see the new drive. Seems to be a driver´s problem. The USB port doesn´t work with this device. I tried to install the Creative software from the CD which went with the player, but that didn´t help. I tried to actualize the driver (from the Creative web site), but that didn´t help either.
Did anyone have this problem before and knows what to do?

(my external harddisc works pretty well with USB.)

Cretan Aftermath

Finally I managed the upload to youtube.
The song I (was trying to) play is called O Kaimos (The Grief) and is of course about love and woe.
It will be the only greek song that I play on the banjo, promise! (At least this year ;-)

Editing Movie Clips

I wanted to upload a movie clip to youtube. My camera makes *.mov - files. Usually Youtube accepts mov, but this file seems to be too large, the upload doesn´t work. I would like to cut the file and upload just a part of it, but don´t know how to do the cutting. Moviemaker doesn´t accept mov-files, and changing the mov-file to another format didn´t work with the different tools I downloaded.
Does anybody in the whole wide world know how to edit mov-files USING FREEWARE? Is the only way to transform it to another format and then work on it with Moviemaker? Can I cut the file into pieces with Moviemaker?
Any help is very welcome.
As a reward I promise to upload part of the Greek movie I did on Crete.
Or would this refrain you from helping me? :-)

Banjoree 2009

Last Friday I was happy to attend Hamburg´s well known monthly "Bluegrass Session". Luckily there were enough guys who were willing to accept me trying to play with them a set of three tunes: Sandy Boys, Shady Grove and "The Flower from the Wild Wood" - no , not Wildwood Flower, but the same melody with rather different lyrics. We had lots of fun. In fact it was one of the rare moments, when two clawhammer guys played together (with double bass, two guitars and one fiddle - may be there were even more instruments on this set, but I was far too excited to realize :-).
I then learned that the next Banjoree in Hagen will start on Friday May 1st 2009. For details concerning the last Banjoree (in 2007) visit Soon they will update this site.
Hope to see you in

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