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Sandy Boys

On Monday two (out of four in total) Kiel frailers met again to pick some tunes. When I told Blacky about my "comfort" (see my posting from last week) he looked like becoming a little jealous - of course he would never admit this (right, Blacky?) ...
And we had a lot of fun when trying to play some tunes out of "Counterpoint" by M. J. Miles, although we (i.e. I) made so many mistakes that we decided again to give it a little more practicing. It turned out to be a pain in the ... to follow the metronome. But we both know that using a metronome is essential. (I rember having read an interview with Sting who told that he learns EVERY new song/tune with a metronome).
We ended up in frailing happily together some "classic" tunes. And recorded "Sandy Boys" - I present it to the www in spite of some mistakes... The file only reflects half the fun we had while playing.

To hear a real haunting version of Sandy Boys go to the "Crooked Jades" and…

Banjo Gloves

Found this advice on an website about classical banjo, first published in "Banjo World July 1899":
A. Of course some people's nails are naturally stronger than others but nails can be much strengthened by more attention being paid to them.
Q. How is that done?
A. Nails that are very brittle and thin can be strengthened by regularly filing them with a very fine nail-file (used by manicurists), and by rubbing some softening substance into them at night.
Q. Can you give me a recipe, as many of my friends will be glad to know of one?
A. Wash the hands in very warm water at night, push back the skin gently at the base of the nail, and rub the following preparation well into them: lanoline, one ounce; vaseline, half an ounce; olive oil, ten drops. It is a good plan while trying this remedy to wear sleeping-gloves, but it is not absolutely necessary, of course.

 I am happy playing clawhammer - no need for gloves.

Me, Myself and I

As you, my dear - one and only? - reader may have noticed: I am a fan of Michael J. Miles CD "Counterpoint". Highly recommended! I could not help trying "The Wind that Shakes the Barley" again and again. I even worked on the harmony line.

So on I took the earphones, plugged in the Zoom H2, grabbed my Saga banjo (renaissance head, medium gauge steal strings, blue moon pillow inside the pot, Fred Kelly pick), stumbled across the mic´s cable and tried the tune several times in a row. This is what came out: Multitrack.  I really could not stop playing...
I love the tune. Gives me comfort when thinking about the Newcastle retreat which I will be missing. (Although I am pondering on an "extra comfort" - stay tuned, I´ll tell you next week ...).

M. J. Miles Again

After the last days frustration because of the date for the Newcastle retreat (frustration was enhanced by an influenzal infection), I thought I could frail the sorrow away by trying one of the tunes in Michael J. Miles tablature book "Counterpoint". The CD and the book are a real bonanza for wonderful tunes. He writes, that learning "The Wind that Shakes the Barley" made him a banjo player forever. Although I started with Cripple Creek, I love his way of clawhammering the banjo and thought I could publish it as a contribution for the Transcontinental Jam Session (which seems to have lapsed so far). Any instruments welcome. Its just an ordinary C F G chord progression.
The banjo is tuned in double C (gCGCD´). Feel free to join "The Wind that Shakes the Barley".

Next European Retreat

While the American guys are waiting for the Crisfield Retreat to come, European Folkies now begin to count the days until October 15th. Steve from Newcastle booked a venue for the weekend Oct 15th - 17th this year. If the place is as beautiful as his website the jam will be a blast. I´m so sorry to say that I will not be able to join as thats the time of my family holiday (all booked). *#°~+&%$****************