Sandy Boys

On Monday two (out of four in total) Kiel frailers met again to pick some tunes. When I told Blacky about my "comfort" (see my posting from last week) he looked like becoming a little jealous - of course he would never admit this (right, Blacky?) ...
And we had a lot of fun when trying to play some tunes out of "Counterpoint" by M. J. Miles, although we (i.e. I) made so many mistakes that we decided again to give it a little more practicing. It turned out to be a pain in the ... to follow the metronome. But we both know that using a metronome is essential. (I rember having read an interview with Sting who told that he learns EVERY new song/tune with a metronome).
We ended up in frailing happily together some "classic" tunes. And recorded "Sandy Boys" - I present it to the www in spite of some mistakes... The file only reflects half the fun we had while playing.

To hear a real haunting version of Sandy Boys go to the "Crooked Jades" and klick at their store on the Album "World`s on Fire" "Hear songs off this album" . Very impresive, isn´t it?