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No, the sun didn't show in Glencoe.


Had a terrific weekend and perfect weather throughout my days in Scotland. Today's the first rainy day but I'm sure the sun will come out on my way through Glencoe to Glasgow, where I will take the plane back home. Met old friends again, found new ones, heard great music, played -  umh -  music, even joined a jam session in Glasgow's "Islay Inn". And the Frailers Weekend was just pure fun:

On the road again

The Flying Circus of European Frailers in Achnamara is waiting. Very much looking forward.

Next step

Crete is past now.

According to the above motto, next step is Scotland.
The "European Circus of Flying Frailers" will meet again nex weekend in Achnamara, Scotland. I am very much looking forward to see the old folks again (sadly some are missing this time but will be with us again next year). Two nights and days of music and singing (and perhaps one or two drams) are waiting for us, Yippeeh!
Thanks again to Patrick Costello who inspired us to start our own "retreats".