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Highly Recommended

Last year I heard and saw Evie Ladin in Gainsborough. Yesterday I received the new edition of the "Old Time News", FOAOTMADs quarterly magazine. Besides interesting articles about the English OT-scene it always contains some CD reviews and this edition has an article about Evie Ladin's new CD "Riding the Rooster". The author David Mepsted is so enthusiastic about it that I immediately went to Spotify and opened the album. It is as full of energy as I remember Evie Ladin from Gainsborough. This bundle of energy surely has the groove! The CD is just fiddle (played by various friends of EL) and banjo (EL)  and contains some well known and some (to me) unknown tunes recorded really very carefully. Banjo is almost entirely on the right loudspeaker, fiddle on the left. So you can reduce the fiddle and hear the banjo unbelievable clearly on the right hand side with only a quiet fiddle left on the left (of course you can reduce the banjo to hear just the fiddle -but w…

Right Hand Movement

In case you're thinking over the basics again - or just starting with clawhammer banjo - this is what your thumb should be doing: