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Open the window...

...what do you feel?


So here is my guitar-only rendition of this all time classic.
If you want to play it yourself, you may want to join in -with your banjo, clarinet, moothie?- to my "only-chords-version".
There are many rather difficult ways to play this song.
The chord progression which was good for me is:

Dm...Am7...Dm...Am7 [solo begins at "4"] Dm...Am7...Dm...Am7...Dm...Am7...Dm...Am7

Gm [continued].........A...A7...A...A7

Dm Am7 Dm Am7 Dm Am7 Dm Am7 Dm Am7 Dm Am7

F...Dm...Gm...A...Dm...Am7...Dm...Am7 .......

The count is 1,2,3,4. In the beginning I play Dm at 1 2 and Am7 at 3 4 (with 4 the solo begins).
Hope you understand what I mean :-))
If you are interested I could send you the lyrics with chords on top of them.

Have fun!


Am Donnerstag, 17.7., ab 20:15 Uhr treffen wir uns wieder im Flintbeker Bahnhof.
Let´s jam together!


The Transcontinental Jam Session has struck again. Neil sang one of his favorite John Prine songs and we joined in:

"Let´s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian"

Wildwood Flower

Pat W. from Maryland (the author of "Jane´s Island Serenade") sent me an email and wrote:
"I finally got around to putting some autoharp, mandolin and vocal on Wildwood Flower."
So he found a "male way" to sing about waving black hair ;-)
Here is our small "Transcontinental Jam Session Band" with Wildwood Flower.

The Barnstormers

On Saturday night I drove all the way down to Mölln (took me nearly two hours) to visit the "10th Mölln Folkfestival". Unfortunatly I couldn´t join the Klezmer workshop. It began in the afternoon and I couldn´t get there that early.
But after the "Klezmer Alliance" (which was really good and enjoyable) came The Barnstormers. Great American Old Time Music! This music is fun! Tom Jolin and Slim Harrisson where joined by two cloggers Rock Howland and Candy Ranlet who danced like hell! Rock Howland just had his 72nd birthday and swept across the dancefloor like a tornado. And instead of cooling down after one dance he began to fiddle - till the next dance. Unbelieveable.
Tom Jolim played banjo (clawhammer) and hammered dulcimer, Slim Harrisson played banjo, fiddle and guitar. Candy Ranlet not only clogged like hell but played double bass (between their dances).
It was a great event!
I was lucky to talk to Tom Jolin and Slim Harrisson about banjo, Crisfield, Lübeck, Klezme…

Let´s dream...

... of Ireland (where this song is from) - or Scotland, where Dick added the whistle - or Maryland,USA, where Pat added the mandolin:
Carrickfergus, played by three members of the "Transcontinental Jam Session Band".
I´m proud to know such musicians!

Old 97

And Pat really was diligent: Here´s his addition to the "Wreck of the Old 97".

The Hen

Pat from Maryland added some percussion and jaw harp on my version of Cluckin´Hen. He mainly used bones for this one.
Our small Old Tyme Band sounds great t.m.h.o. Now we´re waiting for a fiddler to join in ;-)