The Barnstormers

On Saturday night I drove all the way down to Mölln (took me nearly two hours) to visit the "10th Mölln Folkfestival". Unfortunatly I couldn´t join the Klezmer workshop. It began in the afternoon and I couldn´t get there that early.
But after the "Klezmer Alliance" (which was really good and enjoyable) came The Barnstormers. Great American Old Time Music! This music is fun! Tom Jolin and Slim Harrisson where joined by two cloggers Rock Howland and Candy Ranlet who danced like hell! Rock Howland just had his 72nd birthday and swept across the dancefloor like a tornado. And instead of cooling down after one dance he began to fiddle - till the next dance. Unbelieveable.
Tom Jolim played banjo (clawhammer) and hammered dulcimer, Slim Harrisson played banjo, fiddle and guitar. Candy Ranlet not only clogged like hell but played double bass (between their dances).
It was a great event!
I was lucky to talk to Tom Jolin and Slim Harrisson about banjo, Crisfield, Lübeck, Klezmer... Unfortunately I couldn´t stay for the barbecue (after midnight). I went to the place where it was to take place, but except the chef and his wife nobody were there. So I took my banjo, sat down and played for me - and them -around half an hour. But as time grew late, and the folks didn´t arrive (must have been a long late night concert by the "Willy-Schwarz & Band") I had to leave.
Seems that my friend Michael has been in Mölln too - it´s a pity we didn´t meet.


Anonym hat gesagt…
Was very interested to learn about this event, Wolfgang, and it sounds like the long drive you had to get there was well worth it!
I followed the link to the bit about The Barnstormers and listened to their clip of 'Shortning Bread' - haven't heard that since I was a child! Wonderful stuff!
Michael hat gesagt…

I have been there for about 20 - 30 minutes - my daughter did participate at a tournament just the same time. There was a small intermission so I hurried to the old marketplace. I was really hooked. I looked around for a few minutes to find you but the place was too crowdy (btw, the churchbells were definitely too noisy... :-)).