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Kiel Jam

Alea Jacta!
Next Kiel Jam for the European Circus of Flying Frailers will be this October 26th - 28th.
Everything just as last time in Kiel - or Sheffield, or Newcastle or Dublin. We meet and sing and play. The price will depend on the number of applications. No extra fee, we will pay only for the rooms, selfprepared food and drinks. Two years ago it really was a cheap weekend. And lots of fun. This year our songbook will include Irish songs :-)
I´ll post more informations later, but the date is fixed now.
If anybody wants to stay some more days in Kiel or around, I will help with informations. Just drop me a line.
Waiting for your mail.

The new year...

... starts pretty well.
Patrick has resurrected the daily frail:About The Daily Frail


Happy New Year to You, my dear reader. Hope to meet in Kiel this year.
We are planning the next station of the Flying Circus of European Frailers for the last weekend in October this year. More later this week.