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New tuning

One thing every beginner of clawhammer banjo hates is the word: "Ok now, let´s do a tune in D." As in the beginnig we (i.e. most of us) use G-tuning only, this means we are supposed to tune the banjo to Double-C and use a capo on the second fret (if you are inclined to melodic clawhammer - of course you can just play the chord progression in D with your banjo tuned to open G, but this is another story). So that´s why I tried to learn some tunes in Double-C-Tuning.
Not long ago I browsed through banjo newsletter and by chance heard the tune Castle Kelly. I really liked the haunting touch of it and bought the tab for this tune. You may browse around on that page to find it. And what shall I say: I had to tune the banjo to fCFCD (which may be f-minor, I´m not shure about that). So this is my third tuning. I tried it anyway and to make the fingering easier I used the capo on second fret. This should lead to g-minor (?).
This is what Rea is sounding like in this weird tuning.

"A lot of toe-tapping music ahead"

That´s how Rosanne Cash introduces a documentary about our banjo. Enjoy: