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Wreck of the Zoom H2 ?

Till the day before yesterday I was happy with my handy recorder. Then I bought a 2 GigaByte SD-Card. The manual says, the recorder works with 2 GB-cards.
So I wanted to record a concert of classical guitarists (among them my daughter! pride, pride) (joined by percussion, as you will realize). I thought of recording the whole concert and afterwards editing the music to publish one or two pieces here.
BUT: the %&$§?*# thing didn´t work. After about 2 minutes the recording stopped saying: "Card is full".
Nonsense, it should have lasted 33 hours with this card (and settings to "mp3, 128 kbps"). But their was no more space on it.
I thought of some mistake on the card. But when I put it into the card reader of my compute at home, Windows told me, that there were more than 1,8 GB free space on the card.
So the Zoom H2 couldn´t read or write this card.
Anybody knows what to do next?

Here is my only recording of this evening: "Irish Washerwoman", played by 20 young …

Shades Grow Longer...

... and summertime ´s gone.
But Pat W. from Maryland, a true friend of our TCJS added his banjo to George Gershwin´s "Summertime" (remember the post from July 29th ).
Thanks a lot, Pat.

Scottish Small Pipes

My computer is running again. If I ever get hold of that *#§&"#*! guy who sent me the virus, I´ll sentence him to seven years of Scruggs Banjo.

Photo by

To my joy and pride at last I can announce a new piece from our Transatlantic Jam Session. Dick from Scotland threw in his small pipes. Here is the beginning of "Raglan Road" with pipes. As soon as we completed the song, I´ll post it. Just couldn´t wait ...
By the way: The Zoom-H2 tool really helps.

Jam Session

My computer crashed :-(
But my banjo is ok :-)
Also treffen wir uns wieder zum Jammen am Donnerstag, 18.9.08, 21:00 Uhr im Flintbeker Bahnhof.
Kommt haufenweise!