Recording Songs

Pat from Maryland wrote me an email how he worked on "Blue Eyes":

"I used the Amplify plug-in in Audacity to lower the guitar in the break by about -5db,
then I increased everything else by about +2db.
After that I used the Compressor plug-in to compress the whole file about 2db to help smooth out the peak levels.
There is also a Noise Removal plug-in that can help get rid of some of the background noise.
Other than that I used the Normalize plug-in to balance the left and right sides.
All of these are available for free at the audacity site and may already be loaded in your software. You can see what is loaded by checking the Effect pull down menu. They will be grayed out until you select an area in the file to apply them to."

So hopefully I can have a try next time. Otherwise I will ask him ;-)