Wind Instruments + Banjo

At the Banjoree in Hagen Blacky and me decided to give it a try: Not banjo + fiddle, but banjo + melodeon / concertina. At last we had a jam yesterday evening. As he is a keen squeezer on his instruments it was no problem for him to accompany my playing (or was it me following him?).
We had lots of fun with Soldier´s Joy. Banjo tuned in Double-C, no idea what he did on his melodeon.
Then we tried You are My Sunshine. Banjo (in open G-tuning) with concertina.
Hope you like it.
Now I am waiting for Chris Via´s fiddle with Soldier´s Joy so that we can revitalize the Transcontinental Jam Session :-)))
He did it!. Thank you very much, Chris. As soon as possible I´ll join in...


chris via hat gesagt…
Glad to help.
Looking forward to hearing how it turns out.Hope my version fits.