Three Daze and Counting

The mother of all retreats is being prepared in Crisfield , but it´s smaller sister in Kiel tries to follow in it´s footsteps. Throughout Dublin, Newcastle, Hannover, Bremerhafen, Mainz and Kiel guys (and girls) are thinking about what to take with them, what to leave at home, how to get there, how to share rides. Mails are being exchanged, google groups is used, everybody is longing for the first frails ringing over the beach at the Kieler Förde. Just got news that hopefully we can be assisted by a berimbau on Friday evening. Never heard one in real live before. Must be fun to have this combined with the bump-ditty.


Dick hat gesagt…
I really wish I could join you but I can't get to and from Kiel in a weekend. Have a blast.
Unknown hat gesagt…
Wolfgang, best wishes from Crete for a sucecessful and enjoyable weekend on the frail. Tell me all about it when you come down in the Fall.
Anonym hat gesagt…
Ich rauche nie mehr. SSiehst es doch.
Friede aus norwegen