Kiel Retreat 2009

What will it be that we will remember when we think of this weekend in a few months?

Fun, Fun, Fun (we should have tried this Beach Boys song with the banjos!)
Sunshine from morning til evening (in Kiel !, never would have believed that),
blue sky
blue sea („Deep Blue Sea“)
the house on the loch (hint, hint, Dick)
good food („Philly Cheese Steaks“, served with noodle salad)
good drinking
comfortable rooms
lots of Banjos
lots of frailing
a clarinet with 9 banjos
lots of singing
Fun, Fun, Fun

Shady Grove at the not at all shady beach
Frailing above the sea (on the pier)
Frailing all night long (first night until 3:30 a.m.)
Large ferry boats and container ships, beautiful sailing boats and yachts, all passing along at a hands reach. (Pulling the curtains aside in the morning just in time to see a huge ship crossing the windowsill, well nearly)
Hearing Geordie songs and impressive Woohoos
Discussing the use of drop thump
Seeing beautiful instruments AND playing them
A bunch of guys in the kitchen preparing meals and cleaning the house exemplary
The „baker´s boy“ bringing fresh rolls (in fact he did this job as good as his frailing job)

Thank you all for your inspiration and help to make this event a wonderful experience.
Thanks to Patrick (being „the father of all our retreats“).

For some of our friends it really was a long journey. I am happy they did it.
Some live not so far away. It should be possible to meet again before next year.
Next year? A retreat in Newcastle? Or in Dublin? Or in Kiel-Falkenstein again?
We will see. And hope.