Only One Week

Time is near. One more week and we will start the first "Kiel Retreat". We will be 10 folks of all ages and (nearly) all parts of Europe. Well, ok, at least Ireland, England, Germany – but we´re just starting :-)
Once we were more, but a few of the wild bunch chose to visit our big sister in Crisfield (have retreats sisters or brothers?). Have fun there, guys! We would have loved to go there too, but such is live... We will have fun here.

As a foretaste of what we will be doing, Hartmut from Hannover took my banjo file of Soldier´s Joy and added his mandolin to it. I´m really looking forward to play with you guys together!
Those who applied for the retreat have already got an invitation to our google group so that we can exchange our thoughts about bringing things to Kiel, what to take with you and the like. Communication has just started there.
Longing to meet you (punks included!)