Wildwood Flower

Ok, this song needs female vocals. I definitly will not sing about my "waving black hair" nor my ringlets in it. But the melody is so beautiful that I cannnot resist to offer it to our Transcontinental Jam Session.
I played sort of melody during the first round, then just chords, then again melody and so forth. Thought it would better suit to a banjo this way. So the frailer may begin with vamping the chords then frail the melody, then vamp and so on.
And if anyone dares to sing about his waving black hair, he´s very welcome.

Wildwood Flower (chords are G, D, G, D, G, C, G, D, G).


JSmith hat gesagt…
This tune in particular and all of the rest also, have become the perfect music to listen to as I am searching for couches via couchsurfing. Ít just gets me in a relaxed traveling mood. Keep up the good work everything i have listen to so far sounds wonderful.
Wolfgang hat gesagt…
James from Bristol took his banjo and joined in.
You may hear us at www.tangiersound.wordpress.com/2008/06/23/james-wolfgang/
Anonym hat gesagt…
First I thought about a certain Jonitune... but error. Really nice one.
Michael hat gesagt…
Grmpff... no link, so I opened up a new account again. Alzheimer..
Michael hat gesagt…
Oh, and does anyone know the new Andrea Glass CD (Al Perkins playing banjo)?
Wolfgang hat gesagt…
Joni Mitchel?
No, it´s Maybel Carter. She sings it on the Johnny Cash movie too.

Andrea who?
I´ll google her.