Beautiful Kiel

Yesterday I was sitting in a lovely garden cafe

Kiel and around auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

near Kiel. Went there by bicycle. There you can watch beautiful flowers of all kinds. The garden is situated above the Kiel Canal. So while sitting there, sipping my coffee, eating wonderful cake and watching the ships roll by,

this came to my mind (as almost everytime I´m in a good mood I think of making music :-))) :
Why not combining your event of the year (the Kiel Retreat of course) with a few holidays in or around Kiel with your good lady? Imagine you sitting at the beach in Friedrichsort playing the banjo while your wife is touring the neighbourhoof of Kiel with a bike - or a car - and loving you (again, perhaps :-) for the rest of your life because you and your banjo gave her the opportunity to get to know this area.
Just a thought.