Montag, Februar 08, 2016

Banjo for Breakfast

Today Blacky and me met again to have breakfast in my house and afterwards we played some tunes on our banjos. Of course I played on my new 12´´ banjo (with Aquila Nylgut, red series). In the end we tried Flowers of Edinburgh (Blacky chose the guitar for this one). There are some "strange" notes in it but you may be interested to hear this anyway. I got the tablature from Josh Turknett, thanks a lot to him.

Flowers of Edinburgh

And tomorrow I´ll be off for Liverpool (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) and Gainsborough...

Freitag, Januar 29, 2016


From Friday 12. Feb on I will join the festival in Gainsborough, England, organised by the Friends of American Oldtime Music and Dance FOAOMAD. Not only will there be banjo workshops and sessions,  but also a workshop (?)  about sacred harp singing. I never heard about that, no idea what this was so I looked it up on YouTube and Wikipedia.  This is amazing. Very different to the type of singing in my church when I was a child. Not for the lyrics but for the overwhelming passion and sound I envy those people who apparently love there singing.
(They could silence every banjo...)

Donnerstag, Januar 28, 2016

Whoever listens to BBC

I read the following on FOAOMAD´s website:

Loads of folk music on BBC radio over the next few weeks. One relevant one is on BBC Radio 3, Sunday 31 Jan 6:45pm – Sunday Feature Cecil Sharp’s Appalachian Trail
“100 years ago, in the spring of 1916, English folk song collector Cecil Sharp set out on a voyage to America, planning a give a series of lectures on English folk music. However as he was crossing the Appalachians he discovered a treasure trove of folk songs, many of them English folk songs he had never encountered before.
Andy Kershaw follows Cecil Sharp’s Appalachian Trail through Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee, hearing some of the songs he collected both in their original versions and in present-day interpretations in specially-recorded sessions with contemporary singers. The 1600 songs that Cecil Sharp collected represent the bedrock of Appalachian music, songs which gave rise to the styles of old-time, country and bluegrass.”
45 minutes.
Perhaps I can hear this on webradio? 
Anybody ´s interested why I came upon  FOAOMAD´s website ? I´ll join their Festival in Gainsborogh. Yeehaw!

Mittwoch, Januar 20, 2016


Als Support für Workers in Songs werden Cookie Tuesday auftreten. Und Maike spielt so ein tolles Banjo:

Dienstag, Januar 19, 2016


... kommt mal wieder ne Band mit astreinem Banjo nach Kiel:
Am 30. Januar spielen die "Workers in Songs"  aus Dänemark in der Kieler Räucherei. Hier ist ein YouTube-Video von den Leuten: